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Are you a pet owner? Do you love to surprise your little kitten or curious cat with a new toy, a new bed, or a few cans of food? If so, you’re in luck! Here at Pet Direct Online, we offer a wide variety of cat toys, supplies, and products. For us, we can never get enough of cats, and we just love spoiling our own!

Browse our store, view our products, and don’t forget to make a purchase – trust us, you’ll be thankful you did, and so will your cat!

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Why run to the store to buy your cat a new toy, a new cat bed, or new cat home when you can shop right from the comfort of your own home? Pet Direct Online is your one-stop-shop for everything that you need to ensure that your cats are happy, entertained, and comfortable each and every day. With a wide variety of products, you’ll never find yourself stepping foot in another retail pet store ever again.

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Pet Direct Online makes buying your cat products and pet supplies easy and convenient. With our user-friendly store and ordering portal, you can quickly place your order days in advance and wait for us to ship your order directly to your door. With convenient ordering, fast 2-3 day shipping, and high-quality products, why shop anywhere else?

Directly To Your Door

Pet Direct Online is based in Delaware and we ship all of our cat products and pet supplies all throughout the country! So, if you’re just a bit too far of a drive from your closest pet store, you always have a trusted and reliable partner who you can count on.

Why Pet Direct Online?

At Pet Direct Online, we’re more than just a place to buy pet products online. We’re animal lovers, pet lovers, and most importantly, cat lovers. We only offer our customers the very same products that we’d give to our own cats. We understand what today’s pet owners are looking for and we strive to offer products that surpass the typical pet supplies and cat products that you can find in the pet store.

With Pet Direct Online, you’re getting something different.

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Support & Service That You Can Count On

In today’s day and age, no business is worth their value without providing top-notch support and service. But at Pet Direct Online, we’re not like other businesses – we’re something different.

Each and every day, our team of support and service representatives goes beyond the call of duty to assist our customers and ensure that they’re satisfied with all levels of their experience. From browsing our website, to placing their order, to receiving their delivery, and to what really matters most – the satisfaction of their pets!

We’re always prepared to answer any questions, provide recommendations, follow up on your orders, and ensure that we help in any way possible. For us, there’s simply no other way to do business.

If you’re ready to change the way you shop for and purchase cat products and pet supplies, click here to view our store! Browse through our products, make your first purchase, and see just how much more convenient it is to shop with Pet Direct Online.