About Us

Pet Direct Online is a web-based pet supplies and cat products eCommerce store that offers a variety of products for pet owners and cat lovers. Pet Direct Online is a new business looking to take advantage of the new eCommerce market and provide pet owners and cat lovers with a more convenient alternative to the traditional pet store.

For us, what we do is more important than simply selling products. To us, we’re changing the ways in which people shop for their pets. With a wide variety of high-quality products, including cat toys, cat beds, cat trees, cat houses, and cat scratching posts, our customers can take advantage of convenience and enjoy our one-stop-shop.

Our Story

Pet Direct Online was founded by William and Mary Jennings in 2019. As devoted cat lovers and loyal cat owners, William and Mary have spent their lives rescuing cats, helping strays find homes, and sometimes even offering up their own home! Their ultimate goal has always been to help all cats live happy, healthy, and comfortable lives in homes where they’re loved, wanted, and cherished.

After developing their very first trademarked product, Nailed It!, William and Mary decided to open up their very own online pet products shop where they could sell their product and connect with pet owners and cat lovers all throughout the country.

Today, Pet Direct Online offers our customers convenience, high quality, and dedicated service to ensure that they have every opportunity to make their home a happy, healthy, and comfortable place to be for their loving pets. After all, all our pets want to do is love us, but they can only do it if we give them the love, care, and happiness that they deserve – and it all starts with Pet Direct Online.

Our Mission

At Pet Direct Online, our mission is simple – we’re looking to provide a convenient place for pet owners and cat lovers to purchase the products they need without having to run out to the pet store. And by providing the critical before, during, and after-sales support that our customers deserve, we’re helping people create better lives for their pets, one product at a time.

Our Values

For us, nothing is more important than offering high-quality products to our customers. We only sell the products that we use for our pets! As cat lovers, we want all cats to be happy. In order to help ensure that every last stray comes off the street and finds a loving home, we support and donate a portion of our sales to the Delaware Humane Society, Forgotten Cats, and a number of No Kill shelters.

Every cat deserves a happy life – and with your purchase, you can ensure that another stray comes off the street and finds a forever home.

A Word From Our Founders

“There’s really just something so funny about cats – I’m not sure what it is, but it’s something that’s certainly always stuck with Mary and I for quite some time. We’ve had a number of different cats in our home throughout the years, and each one is always different. They have different personalities, different quirks, and different idiosyncrasies, but one thing is always certain – they love you if you love them.”

William Jennings


“One of the things that really pushed us to launch Pet Direct Online was after we made a few of our first trademarked product, Nailed It!, and let some of our family members try it out with their cats. Instantly, their cats loved it. Our family members told us that they could never find another cat scratching post like it.”

Mary Jennings