Nailed It! Premium Natural Woven Sisal Cat Scratching Post and Perch Cat Scratcher (Beige)


Does your cat just love to scratch? Is he frequently scratching your sofa? Or maybe he loves to scratch the legs of your dining room tables and chairs. If so, it might be time to invest in a quality cat scratching post that’ll help to satisfy that scratching craving for your cat, while also providing some entertainment with high-quality durability.

Nailed It! is Pet Direct Online’s premiere product! Let your cat scratch all day long with the most durable, long-lasting, and high-quality cat scratching post currently available on the market. Our cat scratching posts are made of premium natural woven sisal fabric. Not only will they last, but they will actually look great and blend in with your furniture. We’ve officially nailed the design and have completely transformed the traditional cat scratching post into something built to last and provide endless entertainment for your cat.



 A FUNFILLED PLAYGROUND. Allow your furry friend to get relaxed and entertained while keeping him/her away from scratching your furniture with NAILED IT! PREMIUM CAT SCRATCH POST WITH STURDY TOY BALL!
 SAFE, NATURAL AND HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. Sturdy wooden construction with highest quality natural woven sisal fabric and reinforced seams for endless scratching and long-lasting quality and durability!
 BEST IN DESIGN. Our 30.5 inches tall cat tower provides an ample space for your cat to stretch and extend while the 16 x 16 inches wide base reduces tipping and wobbling!
 COMFORTABLE CAT PERCH. The top perch with a soft plush fabric cover allow him/her to view the kingdom to ensure all are in order before taking a well-deserved cat nap!
 SUPER EASY TO SET UP. Innovative “2 screw assembly”. Simply screw all parts together and the cat post is ready to use! (The screws and Allen wrench are included)

Nailed It! Cat Play Tower is made from premium-quality wood – no cardboard – and is wrapped with durable woven sisal fabric to ensure long-lasting use. The square base provides an excellent stability, keeping the post from tipping over even when your pet gets rough and excited. It is covered with soft plush fabric to prevent damage on your floors and the top perch is also covered with the same plush fabric to provide a comfortable resting place for your kitty cat!


 Made from natural, safe, high-quality and durable materials
 Designed with a soft toy ball to keep your cat entertained for hours
 Neutral colors easily match with your interior home decoration
 Easy 2-screw assembly for fast and hassle-free setup
 Measures 30.5 x 16 x 16 inches (L x W x D). Sisal post is 5.5 inches wide while top perch measures 6.25 inches


 1 x Scratching post for cats
 1 x Post base
 1 x Top platform
 1 x Allen key
 2 x Screws